Radiation Testing Services

With all of the Tech and Wireless Technologies,Being Aware of Exposure to Dangerous Radiation is a No Brainer.


We offer onsite EMF & 5G Radiation Testing in Tampa and throughout the State of Florida.


Office Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Schools and Stadiums. Knowing EMF & Radiation Levels at your place of work is important.


Understanding the EMF Strength of 5G Infrastructure that is installed at the request of cities and municipalities and the health effects.

Our story

8 years in action and thousands of clients under our belts! Based in Tampa Florida, we are the Only EMF and 5G Radiation Testing service in the State. Real Estate agents now offer our services in Florida to potential buyers and with great success.

Knowing how much WIFI Radiation, Cell Phone Tower Radiation as well as other devices like Smart Meters and Smart TV’s is critical these days. Harmful levels of Radiation can deteriorate cell in the body, cause migraines & more.