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Radiation Surveys LLC is now offering services in Minneapolis – Saint Paul Minnesota. Call or Text Now! 813-543-6877 – Service in Minneapolis – Saint Paul MN Email: This means if you’re buying a home in the Twin Cities, you should contact us today to get your potential new property surveyed or inspected for harmful radiation and 5G Signals. Typical scenarios you may be concerned about include nearby Power Lines, Transformers, 5G Cell Phone Towers, Normal Cell Phone Towers, Smart Electric Meters, Smart Home Appliances, Microwave Oven Leaks, WiFi Routers and anything else that may emit radio and or Radiation waves. Cost to perform this service is $299 in The Twin Cities This is a small investment for peace of mind. You may be in love with the property, but its surroundings or installed electronics may be harmful to you, your children or elderly family members you care about. Some…

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